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Calcium Chewable Tablets


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Most health-conscious people know how important calcium is in protecting against diseases and deficiencies. Along with playing an essential role in the formation of bones and teeth, calcium is involved with many other vital body functions. It is integral to transmission of nerve messages, proper function of muscles including the heart, activation of enzymes for digestion, nourishment of cells, and release of energy.

If there is a dietary deficiency of calcium, and therefore a decreased amount in the bloodstream, the body pulls the calcium it needs from the bones. This causes bones to weaken and be dangerously susceptible to nervousness, increased cholesterol levels, insomnia, and numbness in extremities.

In a recent study at University of Southern California School of Medicine, calcium was found to help prevent hypertension, a serious risk factor for heart disease. A daily diet including 900-1,000 mg of calcium lowered hypertension risk by 12%.

In research conducted at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, 1,000 mg a day has helped ease PMS symptoms (mood swings, water retention, and cramps).

The largest prospective trial ever published on calcium and kidney stones, (New England Journal of Medicine, 1993), concluded that high calcium intake decreases risk of symptomatic kidney stones. The study, conducted among over 45,000 men, found that those consuming less than 850 mg/day had a higher incidence of kidney stones. 

Calcium may actually have a protective effect by binding to oxalate in the gut and preventing its absorption in a form that leads to kidney stones. Calcium restriction led to an increase in absorption and excretion of oxalate in the urine in both normal subjects and patients with kidney stones. The authors have also Concluded that urinary oxalate appears to be more important than urinary calcium in the formation of stones.

The calcium you'll get from TIENS CALCIUM CHEWABLE TABLETS is as well absorbed by your body as calcium in milk. It comes in 3 flavors: strawberry, peach and honey melon. It tastes sweet and delicious, sugar free, and convenient to take. Also contains 2 important minerals:

Magnesium - Anti-stress mineral; alcoholics usually have a deficiency of it; essential for effective nerve and muscle functioning; for converting blood sugar into energy; aids in mood regulation; keeps teeth healthier; brings relief from indigestion; promotes a healthier cardiovascular system; and helps prevent calcium deposits.

Vanadium - mimics insulin and in one study at Hughes Cancer Research Center, researchers found that lack of vanadium can cause cancer cells to commit apoptosis and lower growth of human prostate cancer cells in tissue cultures. Researchers have suggested that it may promote healthy efficiency of insulin action inside cells.


         Calcium Carbonate

         De-fatted Milk powder

         Strawberry flavor

         Stearate Magnesium


         Vitamin D



After meal, take 2 tablets per day.