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Triple Ginseng Plus


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Tianshi Triple Ginseng is a combination of three types of Ginseng; Chinese, American, and Siberian. Ginseng is known as an excellent herbal energizer which assists in dealing with stress and boosting energy. Chinese Ginseng (Ren-shen), is a stimulating and warming herb. It is known to support the function of the spleen, stomach, heart, and lungs. It also promotes a positive stimulant of yang energy. American Ginseng promotes a cool stimulation for yin energy, and Siberian Ginseng promotes warmth for neutral energy. Siberian Ginseng also promotes the immune system and helps to maintain blood sugar levels that are already within the normal level. It also improves the memory, appetite and overall health.


Dr. Stephen Fulder is a doctor of Pharmacology and Gerontologist. In his recent three books ("About Ginseng", "The Tao of Medicine" and "End to Ageing-Remedies for Life Extension"), Dr. Fulder stated the following eight functions of ginseng:

        STIMULANT.  Used to overcome tiredness and exhaustion, or for the situation such as examinations, long-distance driving, stage performance or athletic events. It is also found to be effective to prevent or cope with a hangover.

        TONIC. It is recommended in convalescence from disease, in coping with long-term tiredness and for removing the feeling of low energy.

         MENTAL BENEFITS. Judging from the European experiments and experience with ginseng for improving the mental state of the elderly, there are psychological benefits to be obtained from its long-term use. It can be recommended for depression and insomnia.

        ANTI-STRESS. It may also help the body to resist the harmful long-term effect of stress which can produce damaging changes to the blood system defense forces of the body.         

        REGULATING BLOOD PRESSURE. Ginseng was shown to produce a consistent but small reduction in blood pressure.

        ANTI-DIABETIC. As there is some evidence that ginseng can adjust the blood sugar level in cases of diabetes, it may be taken by diabetics and this can be taken into account in the long-term management of the disease.

        SEXUAL FUNCTION. There are studies showing that ginseng may have effects on the sexual glands as part of its overall effect on the hormones of the body.

        MENOPAUSE. It should be taken by women at an early age, on a purely prophylactic basis, in order to increase and maintain their resistance capacity and prevent possible menopausal disorder.

        AGING AND LIFE EXTENSION. Ginseng increases in value with the age of the root. It also increases in value with the age of the user. Ginseng aids the body in its fight to maintain a stable and harmonious internal state. From a number of studies in Europe, it appears that ginseng plays an important part in the treatment of the decline in mental ability during aging and that it improves mood, memory and health.


It is an Adaptogen, Anti-toxic, Anti-radiation, Immunoprotective and Immunoregulatory. For patients going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy, Eleutherococcus would be very useful. In Cancer therapy, the immune defenses are weakened and Eleutherococcus offers a better tolerance to such treatments.

It is also possible that it may offer prophylaxis against the development of cancer.


Orally, two tablets, once or twice daily.